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Future Talks

Future dates for your diary, not to be missed, include Heritage Sunday at Hoxne Church on April 17th when Julie Craven will talk about the Kerrisons and their impact on Hoxne life.

On May 10th local historian, Sarah Doig, will be giving her popular talk ‘The A to Z of Curious Suffolk’.

More details nearer the time.

Please come along and join us.


Banham Walls project

The Hoxne Heritage Group is embarking on a project on the Banham Walls, important architectural features peculiar to the Oakley Park estate villages. This will be a photographic record as well as involving archival research about the walls and the bricks. If you have any information or photographs we will be pleased to hear from you.

You can contact us via this link to our web site

Suffolk Local History Council Societies’ Day

On 5th March Richard Giffin from the Hoxne Heritage Group gave a passionate and enthusiastic talk to the Suffolk Local History Council societies about our Hoxne Angel, Harriet Pentney. This was extremely well-received and resulted in much interest and some useful discussions about old Hoxne families.

For more details of Harriet Pentney click here



Our recent talks

On 28th January we were fortunate to have Jo Caruth from Suffolk Archaeology to give a fascinating talk about the excavation at Hartismere School. The site revealed an Anglo-Saxon settlement and, of international importance, the first Anglo-Saxon longhouse discovered in this country. Subsequently two more longhouses have been discovered near Kentford.

On 27th February an authoritative and scholarly account by Dr Francis Young discussed the theories and controversies surrounding the whereabouts of the relics of St. Edmund. The theory that relics that rested for some time in Toulouse, protecting the town from the plague, which were moved back later to Arundel belonged to St. Edmund has now largely fallen out of favour. Convincing arguments have now been put forward to suggest that St. Edmund’s remains lie in some unknown and unrevered resting place in Bury St. Edmunds. An excellent account of the theories and controversies can be found in Dr Young’s book, ‘Where is St. Edmund?’